All Antibois and Juanais have, one day or another, crossed paths with Johnny (Eric by his real name) who wandered his tall, slender figure by the sea or in the streets of the city and his blue gaze lost in infinity

For more than twenty years if not more, He came and went, solitary, a bottle in his hand.

He was never aggressive towards anyone, even when he was totally drunk!

When you met his gaze, and we smiled at him, he smiled too.

Sometimes, according to his encounters, he would offer a young child a forgotten soft toy he had found on a bench, or a woman a flower can be stolen from the local florist or picked from a planter in the city.

Every now and then he would ask for a little money but just what he needed, sometimes only 50 cents because that’s what he needed.

No one really knows his story. According to some, he had been a doctor and his life was shattered by the accident in which he lost his wife and daughter. He drank to drown immense sorrow and try to forget.

One could not remain insensitive to the suffering of this man who always wandered about alone. He was not very verbose. He never spoke of his past, or of himself. Sometimes, he spoke of literature, of poetry and declaimed a few verses…, he lived in his universe. He had excluded himself from the world, from this world where he could not see himself living without the love of his wife and daughter, his one and only reason for living.

Here are some comments, on F… ..: “a real figure”, “a legend”, “a mascot”, “a very nice man”. Everyone is unanimous in saying that he was a good man.

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He left to join his family.