Message to an employee

Dear Philippe,

When you receive this message I will be in my hometown enjoying my family and life.

No doubt you will be surprised to read me. Indeed, during my departure party, I thanked all of my employees. It was a very emotional moment as I left the company I had created to my successor. I felt both the joy of being retired to spend more time with my family and also the nostalgia for all the moments shared with a feeling of abandoning the people with whom the company was built.

It was then difficult for me to talk more specifically about the employees who have been by my side throughout this professional adventure.

As you know I am more of a man of action, yet it seems important to tell you certain things now that our lives are taking different paths.

I enjoyed working with you because you are an honest, loyal, involved and reliable person.

You have accompanied me in storms as in more favorable times. You put up with my whole character not to say my bad temper.

You have been able to question yourself, train yourself to follow market trends. Little by little I have seen you rise through the ranks. Now you represent a key resource for the company, both through your professionalism and your interpersonal skills.

I wish you to flourish and continue to evolve in your work as much as I have during all these years. And if I may allow myself a piece of advice, keep your good humor and your optimism.

It brightened my days a lot and at times helped make some of my choices.

Thank you for everything you have given me on a human level and for everything you have given to the company.

The man who was your “Boss” as you liked to call me!