We all have words that stick to our minds, a phrase that is retained because it echoes a situation, because it particularly affects us. This observation allows us to measure the importance of what we communicate.

I I remember the last time I heard my mother’s voice. The Samu was with my parents and had to take care of her. She suffered from heart failure and had to be rushed to hospital on a regular basis, which happened more and more often. One of my sisters who was there called to tell me and I heard my mother say to one of the caregivers: “I trust you” . The same evening she died.

In my ears have echoed for a long time and still echo those few words …. the last words I heard from my mother.

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So, then, I got into the habit of keeping the messages that my father left on my answering machine, I should rather say the message because it was, almost, invariably the same : “Hello c ‘ is Dad, I wanted to hear from you. Lots of love. Dad “

Less than two years later, my father also left … when I missed him too much, I listened to those few words and then one day, I unfortunately deleted this message.

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These words of my parents mark in a rather special way the memories I have of them.

It’s quite strange when you know that they were not very talkative especially about anything that touched them personally!

On second thought, maybe it was because I needed to hear other words…. Those who could have shed light on all the gray areas of family history.

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My parents were from that generation that experienced war. They never mentioned this troubled and painful time, especially my father who lost almost all of his family.

Three months before he passed away, he “dropped” me a few snippets of his origins. I told him “Daddy, you have to tell me more” to which he replied “You know it’s a long story, it’s difficult for me to tell you some things like that, takes time, next time ”.

He left before telling me the rest, the little he told me allowed me to understand him a little and to justify certain presentiments but I would have liked so much to know more to know my roots.

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It is so important to convey. The past helps to know where we come from, who we are and allows us to know where we want to go. Secrets, the unspoken, the partly hidden truths, do not protect, they are fetters that prevent the energy of life from flowing freely.

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