My objective

I send myself this message to “boost” myself in my studies.

When I read it several months from now, I will have achieved the goal I set for myself, that of completing my training, and that may be in part thanks to this simple writing….

In any case, I want to do everything to maintain my motivation.

Of course, I am super motivated by this training which will give me access to the job I want to do but I know myself… I’m afraid of myself discouraged in the face of the workload that will be required of me. And if I’m being honest with myself, I also know that I might be tempted to let myself be drawn into going out with the friends who don’t have the same studies to follow.

So I use the gift card they gave me saying “it’s not much but it can really serve you” . They know me well because they can tell me whatever they want, I must say I don’t listen to them too much because it has to come from me….

So there you have it, so I promise:
– To devote the maximum of my time to my studies,
– To go beyond what is required in my information searches and no longer settle for the bare minimum,
– To organize my time according to the priorities of my work,
– Do not postpone what I can do right away,
– To spend much less time on the networks and to play online,
– Namely saying no to friends when I have exams to prepare.

These resolutions are really serious and important and I have every intention of sticking to them and not disappointing myself.

These studies are really lucky for me. Besides, my parents make a lot of concessions so I can make them and I don’t want to disappoint them too.

So, you who are now reading these lines, you can be proud of having kept your commitment, because yes you did everything possible to do and you got to where you are now…!

You prove to yourself that you have become an adult, that you know how to keep your goals and now that you have acquired good habits, keep it up !!!!

You are on the right track to make your dream come true!

Thomas from three years ago!