Message to our daughter

Message to our daughter,

Here you are with us, you whom we have wanted so much.

Your birth is the most extraordinary gift that life has given us.

While you were in your mom’s womb, we already loved you. When you arrived, we were overwhelmed by a flood of emotions of such intensity, we never imagined knowing such happiness.

We don’t have the words to describe the magic of life when you first opened your eyes to us. And, we are in awe of all the love that has sprung up in us since you’ve been here. Your presence fills us with indescribable joy. We are filled with new energy and we will do everything to protect you, surround you and bring you all the happiness in the world.

We wanted to write you this letter to tell you that you are our treasure and that whatever happens, you have entered our hearts and you will stay there forever.

When you read this message, you will be old and old to understand what we want to express to you. Maybe, at that point, you have plenty of complaints about what we did or not done, your education, our way of being and even about us ….

However, as of this writing, we want to be the best parents because our goal is to do everything to make you happy and fulfilled. It’s a hell of a challenge that awaits us over the next few years, and we are not sure we can succeed 100%.

What is certain is that you were conceived in love and that this love that we have for you unconditionally will never disappear.

We all hope to be together with why not a bigger family, or maybe life will decide otherwise.

Whatever happens, we will always be your mom and dad and we will be there for you until our last day.

We will do our best so that you find your purpose and fulfill yourself, so that you know how to see the beauty of life, so that you follow your heart and that you live in harmony with all that surrounds you.

Love who you are as much as we love you, Love what you do, Love life.

Your mom and dad