My engagement

My commitment to quit smoking, this vile poison,

JI am sending this message to myself to read it in a year.

This is the time I give myself to stop being addicted to tobacco …

it may take a little longer for me to stop craving a cigarette at all, but within a year I would have quit smoking both regular and e-cigarettes.

I smoke no I smoked a pack a day because before writing this letter I smoked my last real cigarette.

I know weaning is not going to be easy. But it’s decided, it really has to be.

Yesterday my daughter didn’t want me to give her a hug, she rejected me saying, “Mom, you smell bad.” I had just crushed my cigarette butt before picking it up in front of his school.

And, to be honest with me, if I take stock of the disadvantages and the advantages. the scales are definitely tipping more on the downside.

I’m tired of being out of breath at the slightest effort, I’m tired of coughing in the morning, I’m tired of having to isolate myself to go smoke, I’m tired of lugging that smell of cold tobacco around me.

I’m tired of being irritable if I find myself without this thing full of tar and chemicals and having to travel all over town to find an open trader to buy this junk.

I’m tired of putting in so much money to damage my health.

Quitting smoking may make me fatter, make me more stressed than I am, but all of this is treatable and is reversible while tobacco-related illnesses are not….

Also, cigarettes pollute people’s interiors and butts pollute the environment.

What an example I give to my daughter, adults all have an individual responsibility to transmit a better world to future generations and by continuing in this way, I expose myself not only to not living long in good health conditions, but also to pollute the planet.

I looked at the tobacco info service site which is not bad at all but I want to do everything I can to quit so, as soon as I finish this message, I make an appointment at the anti-smoking center for help. This morning, I went to buy an electronic cigarette with a vanilla flavored bottle so as not to fall for the tobacco.

Reading my message in a year from now, I will be proud of all my efforts and see how great my will has been.

I will be happy to have regained my breath, not to have to freeze myself on the balcony to satisfy this unhealthy need,

I will be happy that my daughter comes more willingly to snuggle in my arms,

I will be happy to give us a nice trip with the savings I would have made,

I will be happy to tell myself: “yes, when we want we can”!