My challenge

Letter to me to succeed in achieving my sporting goal,

It’s been years that I say to myself that I would like to run a marathon at least once in my life… And then the months pass and I realize that the time when I was running 12 kilometers 2 is farther and farther away. 3 times a week.

I was in royal form then and the more I ran the more I wanted to run.

In all weather, I had to go. I got up very early in the morning to go on the Promenade.

In winter it was dark, I could hear the surf of the sea, sometimes gentle as a murmur, sometimes violent with the waves crashing against the pebbles. And in the summer to see the sunrise on the horizon was a pure delight for the eyes….

Then I would come home to get ready to go to work with a spirit that I no longer have.

That was the Clement from before …

And it will be the Clément of tomorrow… .because I decided to start running again and rediscover the joy and well-being that it gave me.

M My doctor ordered me cardio exams and everything is fine so now “it’s all over” …

So, I decided to resume my jogging regularly every Monday and Thursday then 3 times a week to reach 5 times a week.

To boost myself, I am writing this letter which I will only receive in a year because I know this statement will help me keep my resolutions.

– within 6 to 8 months of doing a half marathon, that of Cannes, that of Nice or even the Marseille-Cassis

– and then within 12 to 18 months of participating in the Côte d’Azur marathon. And I challenge myself to achieve all this before I turn 40.

Since I have always made it a point to keep my commitments, I know this message will help me achieve my goals.

So normally as I read this post, just as this new decade approaches, I can be proud of myself because I have several victories under my belt.

First, the essential: I kept my commitments to myself, which is certainly the most important.

Then I managed to run one and even several half marathons, and I signed up for the French Riviera marathon.

And finally, I find myself with an energy that I no longer thought I had.

And now I fully intend to finish the French Riviera marathon, and also to participate in other marathons: that of Paris, that of Rome and why not that of New York….