Message to our grandson

Letter to our grandson,

You must be surprised to hear from us … yet many times we have tried to contact you but since your parents divorced a lot has changed.

This separation, for all, was very difficult for everyone…. But it is so and we can only accept what happened …. And what particularly affected us was that she took us away from you.

You and your mom have gone very far from us and we haven’t seen you again.

We were no longer entitled to your smiles, your kisses, your phone calls to ask us if Santa Claus knew that you were with us on December 24.

We often look at pictures of you little one. We are always amazed by your big eyes, your smiles, your facial expressions and even your pouting face fills us with emotion….

This time seems to us very long ago now….

We miss it so much not being able to see you grow up, not having you over the holidays, not knowing what you are doing, what you like, what your progress is, your successes and also knowing your sorrows or your nonsense.

It’s terrible not to share anything with you anymore.

We are writing this message to you because it is a way for us to let you know that you are always in our thoughts and that we miss you. When you receive it a few years from now, you will be of legal age and free to choose … If you want to see us again, our door is wide open to you.

Either way and whatever you decide, we want you to know that you have and always will have your place in our hearts. And, we wish you a life full of happiness.

Very happy birthday to you our little son,

Your loving grandpa and grandma.

PS: We still live in …………. And our phone is: …………………