Message to close your computer accounts

My dearest friend,

You will receive this message when I am no longer in this world.

You know the friendship I have had with you for many years.

You are and will remain more than a sister to me. I’m really sorry to leave you all alone to go to the movies, to walk by the sea, to have a coffee on the terrace and to share the joys and sorrows….

You have always been there for the important moments in my life. And, I’ve always been able to count on you … so I have one last favor for you!

I would like you to close all my computer accounts.

Don’t worry, all accounts that depend on the state will be atomically closed. You “just” have all my other user accounts left.

If you are asked for a reason, just say that it is personal … needless to say that I am deceased, because you are going to act for me and you are alive and also, because, because it may ask you to do somewhat complicated procedures.

It would be nice if you closed my email accounts in 2-3 months.

If you see some rather personal messages, you are allowed to read them and warn people that I am no longer part of the same world as them …

Besides, you know that has always been a bit the case with my very personal way of seeing things!

You are the most trustworthy and strongest person in IT I know, and on top of that you can always ask your nephew who works in this field to help you! And, yes, even dead, I’m still here to annoy you but don’t worry, this is definitely the last favor I ask you!

So here is all the information so that you can do it.

Account F :

User ID: xxxxxxxxxxx@xxxx.xx
Password: xxxxxxxxxx

Account W:

User ID: xxxxxxxxxxx
Password: xxxxxxxxxx

Other Account:

User ID: xxxxxxxxxxx
Password: xxxxxxxxxx