Message to the love of my life

Yours, the love of my life.

While I have only known you for 6 months I am writing this message because I know deep down that you are the woman of my life. You will receive it in 5 years on the anniversary date of our meeting.

You made the skeptic that I was, completely convinced that, yes, love with a capital A exists …

Ever since I met you, I can’t stop thinking about you.

As soon as you’re gone, I miss you and look forward to our next date.

You light up my life. With you everything seems very natural and so extraordinary at the same time.

I like everything about you what you call “your little flaws”.

Everything I am writing to you there, I have not yet dared to tell you.

My dearest wish is to be by your side the rest of my life and make you happy.

And when you read these lines, I hope I knew how to do it and that the 5 years that have passed have been filled with love and happiness!

My message is very short because a couple is built together and I don’t want to do a screening without having your point of view and without knowing what you want.

However, I’ve told you the gist.

And I end it by telling you, what I haven’t told you yet:

I Love You

And as I write it, I realize how insufficient these few words are to translate all that I am feeling.

The man of your life!